Anyone for marshmellows and spaghetti?

September 27, 2010 By Paul Yeatman

I woke with a headache that is still with me at present. Argh, can’t have such things getting in the way of my study (or work)…anyhow, on to details of tonight’s enrollment and orientation for my diploma.

The drive from work to the location of my diploma in the city took about 30 mins. This is not too shabby for peak hour. I do have the advantage of this being into the city, not out of it.

Parking was easy to come by. I just need to make sure I have about $8 worth of coins as it’s $2 for half an hour to park on the street. I paid for 30 mins (as that was all I had in shrapnel).

Up to the third floor and after paying for my art kit (see pics below for what I got for $300) we did a quick test to see if we could use a calculator, come up with words that meant the same as a few others and answer some comprehension questions.Following that, the head of the school gave us a disinterested spiel about things then handed us over the another dude who went through more specific stuff.

To break the ice and to get us to mingle with fellow students, we were separated into groups of three, handed a packet of spaghetti and a packet of marshmallows.We then had to make something that stood up out of these goodies.After initial introductions to Jay (recently had a boy) and Michael (recently taken up surfing), Jay suggested we make something that moved.I suggested a Ferris Wheel. Jay did the circle, I did a leg and Michael did the other leg,.The first wheel was not structurally strong so after some bracing, we came up with the dodgy work in the gallery below.

Following this, it was back to more course description before eating the now dry marshmallow off out wheel and scampering off home. No parking fine so bonus.

The guy doing most of the talking suggested a fishing tackle box or a tool box to house all our pens, pencils etc. Not a bad idea.