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Diploma of Graphic Design Graduation Looms

September 21, 2012 By Paul Yeatman

There appears to be a little debate regarding the menu for our diploma graduation evening. The theme was chosen to be environmental sustainability.  That is a little naive given any computer based industry thrives on computers and the Internet and these are great carbon dioxide producers.  Not to mention the waste created by “needing” to […]

Late late night

July 24, 2012 By Paul Yeatman

Looks like the slow computer was due to extended disc access time. So it is easier to work with shared files (laptop and desktop) I normally access them via a networked drives. Same mapped drive letter, local computer files only, synced after moving machine. The network is running like crap at present – I think […]


July 23, 2012 By Paul Yeatman

Two nights until submission for my current subjects. The anti vandalism job was a rush job and turned out quite simple. I had a brain wave in how to print slug in illustrator – just expand the art board. Derr! Spent much if the night waiting for illustrator to stop hanging. Annoying when there is […]

Finally, he said

March 22, 2012 By Paul Yeatman

Ok. I have not managed to get BIND9 working on my server as yet, but I have this site up and running and it is publicly visible if you know the correct IP address. So, this post is just for testing purposes.  The next thing I’ll need to do is upload it to my aliensniche […]