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Resumes and Portfolios

September 1, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Ok.  This has been what has been taking up waaaay toooooo much time in my life at present.  3 hours a week at home?  I think not.  This has taken many late nights over the course of three weeks.  Either I’m way too slow, unskilled in the programs, or too much of a perfectionist (even […]

Portfolios. Argh!

August 27, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Ok, looks like we get feedback on our portfolios and then have to present them in two weeks.  We did some run throughs tonight (I was first cab off the rank).  Based on other’s portfolios, I have some ideas for improvement. Looking at the hours I have spent on the damn thing, if I was […]

Graphic Design Portfolio

August 17, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Seems like I’ve been spending lots of time working on my “prepare a portfolio” class. Half the weekend and most nights since last Thurs. It’s pretty much done now. I’ll whack it up here under a cut when I am back at base. I like the colour scheme and overall layout. The mag cover will […]