Author: Paul Yeatman

Microbiologist with >15 years in the pharmaceutical industry with such responsibilities as trainer, team leader, auditor, technical writer, validator, quality assurance and control, viable environmental monitoring and more. I've dabbled with computers since the 80's and am fairly IT savvy, acting as a help desk for my immediate and extended family. After toying with visual design since high school, I qualified as a graphic designer in 2012. For leisure I ride and race my many bicycles, create websites, mange my cycling club's social media and am passionate about increasing everyone's knowledge.

Competition Followup Thoughts

October 24, 2012 By Paul Yeatman

Now that I’ve submitted my designs, it appears that the joke design is the favorite. Lots of positive comments followed by, “can you try this”, or “can you try that”.  Most of the suggestions fail spectacularly. Changes to colours or addition of design elements results in the design become uncohesive, the jersey no longer meshing […]

Diploma of Graphic Design Graduation Looms

September 21, 2012 By Paul Yeatman

There appears to be a little debate regarding the menu for our diploma graduation evening. The theme was chosen to be environmental sustainability.  That is a little naive given any computer based industry thrives on computers and the Internet and these are great carbon dioxide producers.  Not to mention the waste created by “needing” to […]