At an early age, Paul was drawing dinosaurs, aliens and plants using a mix of water-colour (used like oils) and pencil. Such skills were an advantage in art while growing up and he consistently scored A’s and B’s in art.  Sadly, much of his work from primary and secondary school was lost – it inevitably wound up on display at open days, never to be seen again.

Professionally, Paul pursued science as he had dreams of changing the world.  He continued producing creative output for leisure and in 2010 he began a graphic design diploma which he finished up with a outstanding achievement award, AKA The Da Vinci Award.  Notable as prior to commencing the course he was identified as a talented individual.  He still dreams of creating gravity plating and warp drive.  When drawing, creating, applying for laboratory roles or providing IT tech support, Paul cycles, plays guitar and bass and tinkers with computer code.