Paul Yeatman Studies Graphic Design

In 2010 I decided to take my art and drawing skills to a new level and I applied to study a Diploma of Commercial Arts (Graphic Design) at the Commercial Arts Training College (CATC) in Melbourne.

This require that I create a portfolio.  I also applied for a scholarship.  Despite not being successful, I was noted to be a “talented applicant“.

At the completion of my diploma which ran part time for two years while I worked days as a Microbiology Team Leader, along with my Diploma of Graphic Design, I received the CATC Da Vinci Design Excellence Graduate award which is awarded to the student who has made the most progress during the course of their studies.

Since competing my study, my diploma has now be named the Diploma of Visual Communication.

About the only disappointment during my study was the lack of a 2 week industry placement.  This was one the of main reasons why I chose to study with CATC.

Paul Yeatman receiving the DaVinci Graduation Award

Paul Yeatman receiving the Da Vinci Graduation Award