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Photoshop and Typography

March 20, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

This week I finsihed my photoshop montage.  See  behind the cut. It was also submission week for our typography module.  We had a test that took 15 minutes, thought the cheese or font section (put in for a joke) was stressfull as I none of us knew this until the test had finished. It’s late […]

Chains – A New Font Exploration

March 11, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Getting a little slack with posts. Last week we were tasked with creating our own typeface. Preferably this would be not based on an existing one. So, due to this I am using an old bicycle chain. Pics to follow. With my Photoshop self promotion task, I’ve wound up going for a sin city comic […]

Week off course work

February 9, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Week off from campus.  So, on Monday night I traced (badly with some, better with others) my name as printed in old style, modern, script, block serif, sans-serif and decorative.  The block serif was easiest as it was mainly straight lines.  Doing this I got an appreciation of the subtle differences between old style and […]

What’s that about kerning you say?

January 25, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Started on typography last week.  This week we had to give a presentation on six eamples of typography we liked.  Here are mine… (since then, I’ve discovered that typography is more than fancy pants stuff like seen below). Snap on Logo: Here we have a logo for a company that provides high level tools and […]