Week off course work

February 9, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Week off from campus.  So, on Monday night I traced (badly with some, better with others) my name as printed in old style, modern, script, block serif, sans-serif and decorative.  The block serif was easiest as it was mainly straight lines.  Doing this I got an appreciation of the subtle differences between old style and modern serif typefaces.  I’ll probably have to redo 4 of them as the corners are a tad on the bumpy side.  It’s all practice, I guess, though in the field I’d probably do this via computer.

On Tuesday night I accosted numerous magazines for advertisements set out in formal, informal, Gutenberg, white space, contrasting colours, movement (mainly arrows or implied arrows) and one set of campaign ads.  I’ll probably need to grab a trashy women’s mag for the motion (gaze) ads and a swag of themed ads.

Yay. Nearly sliced the top of one of my fingers off with the scalpel.  Man, I’m a danger with that thing!