Let’s Go a Fishing for Art and Graphic Design Supplies

September 30, 2010 By Paul Yeatman

On the way home from work I went to a local supermarket armed with a pen (so I could ensure the tray lengths were long enough) and the intention of getting myself either a tool box or a tackle box.  After browsing the fishing section, I chose the box you see filled below.

Tool box of goodies

I melted some holes in the lid and base with a skewer so I could attach a padlock.  This cost me $14 and should do the trick for a while.  I would have preferred some stronger plastic, but the shop was a bit limited in choice and the tool boxes were definitely not up to the task.  Based on how loaded the box is at present, a 4 tier box or one that has 6 and opens out both sides may be the go in a few months.  Talk about taking up desk space!

I also added an Artline 90 to my kit (which cost about $5), and an old 8G memory stick I had laying around as well as a whole stack of pencils, led refills, erasers, textas and pens that had been living in various pencil cases.  The plan is to keep any (non course acquired) paints in a separate container for the present.  I also have a 72 pencil Derwent artists pencil set from the late 80’s which shall stay at home at this stage.

Running totals:

Course: $17500

Art Kit $300

Adobe CS5 Design Master: $314

Parking: $4 (so far)

Tackle Box: $14

Portfolio: $78 (this one was for my portfolio, I’ll need some more for submission of course work).

Laptop upgrade: pending

A3 printer: pending

Light box: think about it

Total so far: $18210

As of August 2016, total return on investment (after costs): minus $2500!