Passed again

August 9, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Woo. Looks like two of us passed our printing processes assignment. The rest failed to reference properly and are currently “not yet competent”.
I said “get used to it” to a fellow classmate. It came out harsher than I meant. I had meant to mean, ‘in work life, often when trainees learn something new, it takes a few goes to be qualified’. Still, I did not explain that to them.

No Wed night for me the following week as I submitted my magazine cover last Wed.

This thurs we worked on our portfolio design. Five of us showed up. Two left early. Two spent all night yapping. I was the only one to do any work from what I can tell. Explains why out of tonight’s attendees, I was the only one to pass the previously mentioned assignment.

I reworked an old year 10 graphics assignment showing plans and an isometric projection in Illustrator on the weekend. It turned out pretty good. The next plan is to do some two point perspective work.