Not quite derailed

November 18, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Ok.  Thanks to my motorcycle not running after it had warmed up (argh), I rode my mountain bike into the city for class.  It was 45 mins from Earthbase to Studyville.  I do that time when I drive, but with us being in a new building, parking is a bit more tricky. Quite appropriately, my illustrator piece for the class where we get to go haywire wth the gradient mesh tool is of a road bike derailleur.  I chose this as it is shiny bike porn, and apparently, every student and their dog chooses to do fast cars, or motorcycles (I’d originally chosen a motorbike, but changed my mind when I found a decent bit of bling bling to produce).  This being said, others are doing steam punk mechanisms, a storm trooper, a futuristic toy and a lady beetle.  Not sure about the others. As was the case for my concurrent class, I’ve been fluffing around too much and only been working on this in class.  Due to that, there is only about 4 hours worth of real work in the following image.  It is due on Wednesday. I figure I’ll work on economising my meshes.  It helps that we do not have to do a photo perfect reporiduction and can finese a bit.