Gobble Gobble – It is a Still Life

November 14, 2010 By Paul Yeatman

Got myself an A2 cutting mat from the Reject Shop today for $7.  I am excited about the mat as thanks to having 1cm grid all over it, it makes it nice and easy to cut stuff out with a scalpel.

Today in between working on my food item composition (see below), I spent much of the time preparing my submission portfolio for Produce Commercial Sketches for Graphic Design (Drawing).  Once I affix my final piece to an A3 bit of black cardboard, I’m done.  This should make Tuesday evening fairly short (so I’m going to take my laptop in and work on illustrator).  Either that, or I’ll add some more shading to the week 6 piece, as it is looking pretty minimalistic rendering wise at present.  Still, the general idea was to display the brand names prominently and convey the surface texture of a cardboard box, a plastic drink bottle and a crinkly bag, and I think that was a success.

Nom nom nom