Tonight (well last night really) was a pretty quiet class.  I was the only student in attendance.  Besides some info regarding how to draw some architecture, I was left to my own devices.

Once my laptop decided it would boot up (40mins of waiting and several reboots), I continued working on some bike bling.  Last night I chose to draw a set of brake calipers in Photoshop.  So far so good.  I expect the fidelity will not be as good as illustrator, and I plan on fudging the details a bit more, but at the required A4 print out size, the brake should look good.  I’ll post some WIP pics when I next fire up my laptop.

Besdies that, it was quite chilly in the classroom due to the run away aircon in the new building.  My ride home warmed me up soon enough and the rain held off to a few brief sprinkles.