The Giger like theme potentially continues…

October 19, 2010 By Paul Yeatman

Tonight it was back to drawing.  The next two weeks involve drawing the same object four different ways: pencil, ink (line), ink and wash and with markers.  This week, the pencil and line was the go.

I started with a few test drawings in pencil but could not get my eye in, so drew two A5 boxes, placed my item (a rubber lizard) in one box and copied it in pencil in the second box. I then drew fineliner over the pencil.  At the moment it looks pretty stark, so I may have to add more detail once the nubian queen is done.

The second drawing I did was in pencil.  After several failed starts I got into the swing of things.  At the start, the lizard looked more like a big penis, but it’s not so bad now, after adding the nose and eyes.  Still a tad dodgy looking.  For this one, I need to shade the RHS and fix up the shading overall before I consider it done.

Initial pencil and pen explorations