Off to a flying start

December 15, 2010 By Paul Yeatman

Last night I received my first submission back. The grading is either incompetent or competent. I am competent. Along with the official grading, a slip accompanied the folio indicating how good each work is on a scale from poor to excellent. All of my work was excellent (though I consider some slapdash).

Not sure how I’ll go with the colour module which is due in the new year. Gonna be a busy first week of holidays to complete that.

So, Monday night. I added some final touches to my Dina Meyer portrait. After that I continued on the gothic girl. I am considering giving her some falls. I was the last one there by a mile.

Last night we moved from working with gauche to spot coloring. The task was to choose a black and white advert, reproduce it and add one other CMYK colours to it to enhance things. Once that is done, we get to fully colourise another version of the advert. Then we have to explain why we chose the colours we used. Things getting tricky…