Keep your cup

December 15, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Tonight at the witching hour, our 2D design (intermediate) subject is due. Thanks to that, I spent 90 mins at the desk at home working on it. I had done a bit of work in class this evening, but estimated I still had about 3 hours of work left.

Last night in class I rejigged my DL brochure and JCDeaux street poster. This was just some minor tweaking.

Back at base, I set out the artwork for the point of sale stand and drew the dielines.

The brief said this was supposed to be a single sided illustrator setup, but I did double sided as that was the only way to get the artwork on both the rear front facing panel and the front panel. In reality that is probably a no no as the printing cost would probably increase.

This morning I reprinted my DL and diecut. Tonight (after class) I am cutting, assembling then taking pics for mockups I also need to submit. I’ll probably squeeze in 15 mins of cutting in between work and class.

Pics of the work will be posted shortly.