It’s been a long time coming

December 21, 2010 By Paul Yeatman

Began my holidays from work on Friday afternoon.

Today I picked up a pretty sweet Ebay win – a large light box in good condition for $5.50. Beats paying over $200 for one of trying to make my own from an old scanner (like I had planned).

Tonight I got stuck into the various gauche tasks assigned to me by my course.  Lots of piccies here, so

Colour scales

The first task was to produce a grey scale, sport colour scale and a scale of tints and shades.  I did ok on the grey scale in class.  Some are out-of-order, but that’s nothing a scalpel and some rearranging can fix.  The spot colour scale was a bit tricky, as I did it in yellow (again in class).  All the light yellows look very much the same, as do the darker yellows.


Tonight I tried this again and produced an A3 page of various yellows. Hopefully some cutting and rearranging will give me what I need there.  The tints and shades was half done ok in class. I need to redo the shades as they were done hastily and are not up to scratch.

Colour wheel

Our next big task was to produce a colour wheel.  While finishing this one up, I realised I’d stuffed up. The wheel is supposed to have tints and shades on it, not just the base colours. Opps.  Gonna be doing that one again!

Shades, colours and tints

The final task I’m up to at present is to create moods with colour. Here I’ve chosen a warm, cool, contrasting and similar colour scheme.  The top row is supposed to be striking.  The middle, tranquil, and the bottom, natural.  I think this one will not need any further work.