It’s All a Mater of Perspective

October 5, 2010 By Paul Yeatman

Tonight’s class was a return to my old days of graphics class.  The topics were single and two point perspective.  The task was to draw a matchbox three times, on, above and below eye level in a single point perspective.  Following that, we had to draw the matchbox logo on one of the boxes.

Task two was to rinse and repeat, this time using a two point perspective.

So far I am about half way done. I began at full size, then the sheer number of line’ I had drawn confused things so I did two small quick and nasties to get my eye in, before continuing with the main works.

I need to re-do the single point perspective as I screwed up the dashed lines a tad. The two point perspective is still fairly bare, so no worries there.  Once that is all done I’ll have to draw on the label so once that’s all done I’ll post up pics of the completed goodies.

Also tonight we got the low down on what work our seven weeks of ˜drawing” will cover.

Tonight was perspective.

Week 2 is drawing a something from a decent reference photo using line only.

Week 3 and 4 is drawing a 3D object using about 4 different styles.

Weeks 5 is drawing either a portrait of a human or a sporty person in action

Week 6 is doing a composition of a box, a rounded container and a package of food that is meant to be of portfolio quality.

Week 7 is the week where we tidy up everything and submit it all for assessment.  Ooh ahh.