Attrition in class (and more)

August 18, 2011 By Paul Yeatman

Last October we started with 12 students. Three have bailed, one is thinking of pulling out, one has not been seen for weeks and three more seem not happy. We are lucky to get 7 regulars in a class where an 80% attendance level is mandatory. At least two do not listen. For example, it comes as a surprise that some work is due next week, and an even bigger one that it is our 5th week on the subject!

It boggles me as we get given time tables as to when stuff is due and we get briefs on what to provide (and by when). Perhaps my science GMP/GDP background helps here.

If the students represent the graduates, I’m going to shine if I ditch science for the arty farty. Too bad the starting wage is $40k less than what I am currently on. Not sure how I’ll manage in the first year or two. Perhaps I should get an upper management job for two years so I have a savings buffer prior to changing careers.