Another subject is completed

February 2, 2012 By Paul Yeatman

Last night I submitted my “Finished Art Advanced” work.  This made for a short night as I’d closed the book on this work the previous night at 21:30 hours after a last minute “oh crap!”.

I thought I’s check the brief to make sure I’d done everything then found out I needed to provide my thumbnails and a ratoonale. Once that was done, I burnt the files to a CD, made a USB stick copy and relaxed.


After exploring some layout thumbnails and some organic 50’s shapes, I had the idea to use a boomerang shape which would represent Australia.

Front page: inspired by B grade horror movie. Woman is supposed to be scared, there is a fleet of boomerangs and an escaping car (a recent 50’s inspired concept (Holden) car).

Four different fonts of different sizes were used. The colours are reminiscent of the 50’s style of design – faded red, purple (echoed in car colour), orange and yellow. Many fonts as that was the done thing in the 50’s.

Rear page: image of Seidler house included next to details of how to get there. HAPS info included in Gutenberg presentation at lower right so people know who’s holding the event.

Inside pages; copy in order provided. Images used to support shopping (rabbit sign text changed from “Memorabilia” to “Market Stalls”. Rabbit who looks like he may be jiving positioned near “Let’s Dance”. Woman and dog positioned near info about per show. Car near info about Revheads. Car coming our of 50’s blue shape – same 50’s inspired concept Holden.

Other 50’s shapes added with drop shadow to hark back to the 50’s design sensibility. Pet drawing cropped into a 50’s shape.

I was going to go crazy with text styles for the copy, but decided to use one cartoony font for the headings and another semi cartoony, but readable font for the copy.

Background image element: Echoes the main boomerang image. Given 50’s colours and faded to 24% so it looks washed out. Means the background is non intrusive, but still looks 50ish in style and colour.

I would like more text on the RHS inner page – maybe 3 headings per inner page, but besides that, I think the brochure has turned out well.

Chosen Thumbnail Idea:


Rear and Front Page:

Rear and Front


Inner Pages:

Inside Detail

Tonight’s class is the last one for the term.  It should be a really short night given we are supposedly not starting a new subject until next term.  This means it will proably be a “collect your results from your last subject” night and then we get to scarper off home.