Tyrrell Cinema

July 16, 2012 By Paul Yeatman

I spent much of Sunday working up my mythical cinema’s logo. Given it will basically be a footnote on my A2 event poster, the time allocated was a bit much. Still, always good practice working up a new logo. I learnt how to create a symbol then paint that onto an extruded and beveled path.

For the guts of my poster, I’m being inspired by the original terminator poster, so red outer glow radiating lines will be bounded by a full length Robocop and Terminator. I’ll probably reuse a vector skull I drew for a t-shirt a while back and pile up copies at the terminator’s feet. Maybe pile some nuke at Robo’s feet.

Given time is getting short, I’ll probably reuse this artwork for my DVD covers and discs. That is unless I find a way to speed up my workflow.

The complicating factor here is my other subject is also due in two weeks. Juggling the two while also working and sports training makes available time short.