DP033A – Photography For Graphic Design

The Brief

From magazine resources your are to collect examples of different types of lighting and effects. Discuss the different types of light and effects for each sample.

Allocated Time:  1 weeks or 6 hours

General Comments

I was the only one to follow the brief. Apparently it was acceptable to source images from elsewhere with no consideration for the graphic design relevance.

Unless I was mistaken, the teacher’s eyes were glazing over as I had a techically inclined presetation with no arty farty overly manipulated “photography”.

Links that may be of interest

Pin Hole Camera Plans dead link (2021)

National Geographic History of Photography dead link (2021)

History of the Single Lens Reflex Camera

How Digtal Cameras Work (Astro-photography slant) deadish link(2021)

21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know dead link (2021)

Finished Work

Here is my presenation.