DP025A – Produce Fashion Illustrations

The Brief

For a haute couture house, produce a full colour advertisement poster, sticker set, swing tag etc that promotes a fashion brand.  The promo material is to include a female and male figure rendered in an appropriate style, using appropriate colour illustration materials and techniques.

The finished package should be thorough, wide ranging and professional.

NOTE: the other options were Youth Tribe Label, Work Wear/Pseudo Work Wear.

Allocated Time: 2 weeks or 12 hours

Thumbnails / Working Ideas

I was going to do a gothic “youth label”. Since when are goths youths?  I was leaning towards haute goth, and stumbled upon the Fall 2012 ready to wear collection by Givenchy.

Thumbnail 1

Thumbnail 2

Thumbnail 3

Model Sketches

Finished Work

See the pitch.