C4023A – Illustrate For Design (Colour)

The Brief

Part 1:

You need to render at least three of the training toy items. You will need to source the images or
real items to draw from and you must choose one from each of the following category. The three
images will give Dr Madigan and his backers a chance to see if this is the way they want to proceed.

  • Medium: You can render your illustrations by hand; using pencil, black line, watercolour, gouache or a combination, or you can render your illustrations digitally using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Your illustrations must be rendered in colour.
  • Size of each item illustrated needs to fit on an A4 page.

Part 2:

Using the illustrations you have created on part A you should now design two specific packaging
labels. These particular items are:

  • Large soft 25kg bags of pellett feed for livestock (sheep, cows, horses)
  • Label for 1 kg tins of dog food for working cattle dog

As far as I know, cows, sheep and horses have different nutritional requirements so an all in one suppliment is a bit dodgy.  If the dog food was not working, that would be a worry 🙂

Time Allocated:3 weeks / 18 hours


I did a whole bunch of thumbnails for this as seen in the following gallery.  Finished work is also on display.

Finished Work

Note that the food was done larger than it would appear on the labels, so was made to look good when shrunken.