C4018A – Produce Commercial Illustration

Part 1:

Using line art and ink and wash, prepare an architectural persepctive drawing.  In reality, this was an illustrator task.

Part 2:

Using digital airbrushing techniques, render and object or vehicle. Make it shiny shiny.  Photoshop.

Part 3:

Render a B/W technical drawing. In reality, this was create an infographic.  No direction on colour was given.

In Progress

I got a shock when I realised I had about 4 days left to finish this subject, but I’d not finished anything!

I’d originally chosen a funky house but alter the vanishing points really squished it up, so I wrote that off as a bad idea.

My brake caliper wound up beign a rush job with lots of implied detail.

The infographic was knocked off in four hours.


Finished Work

Architectual 2 point perspective

Shimano Dura-Ace BR7800

How to Fry an Egg – Infographic