C4017A – Create a 2d Design (Intermediate)

The Brief

For this unit you will be required to complete one assessment divided in parts A, B and C.

You will need to develop an advertising campaign strategy for one of the agency’s clients, KeepCup. In this task you will create a concept and a tag line.

This will be developed for KeepCup and worked into a leaflet, a “Citylight” (street) poster and a promotional stand.

Allocated Time: 4 weeks or 24 hours

Free Association

  • Recyclable
  • Barista
  • Rugged
  • Longevity
  • Lasting
  • Reusable
  • Coffee
  • Customisable
  • Portable
  • Cup
  • Container
  • Drink
  • Consume
  • BYO Cup
  • Reducing Rubbish
  • late
  • cappuccino
  • flat white
  • mocha
  • green
  • tree hugging hippies
  • (less) landfill

Tag Lines

  • King of Coffee Containers
  • Top of the heap
  • Keep it in a cup
  • Not any cup
  • The barista’s choice
  • Make the switch
  • Lead the enviro revolution
  • Sink a sustainable coffee —>Sink a coffee, not the planet
  • Fill the cup, not the land—>Stomach filler, not land filler…we have a winner!
  • Your life long friend
  • The cup for life
  • Grabee a coffee
  • The end of paper cups
  • Keep the cup (and the planet)
  • Portable pleasure
  • Kool Koffee Kup
  • Keeping South Americans employed
  • Switch to the sustainable container
  • The cup that lasts forever
  • Forever refillable
  • Fill it. Drink it. Reuse it.
  • Fill it. Drink it. Keep it.
  • Reduce your enviro footprint

Thumbnails / Working Ideas

Thumbnails ThumbnailsThumbnails Thumbnails Thumbnails

Finished Work

JCDeaux PosterJCDeaux Poster In SituDL Brochure POS Stand in situ Brochure in situ POS Stand in situ POS Stand in situ POS Stand in situ POS Stand in situ