C3005A – Finished Art Basic

The Brief

Task 1: From a thumbnail, create a print ready advert.

Task 2: From a thumbnail, create a print ready advert.

Task 3: Recreate a logo from a low resolution source image.

Task 4: Following the Creative Director’s brief, create a magazine cover.

Allocated Time: 3 weeks or 18 hours

Finished Work
What follows is a bunch of PDFs…

“Love Handles”

“Long Service”

Inpress logo

Inpress Cover (submitted for marking)

Inpress Cover (redone post marking). I see little difference. Time to rework – 10mins.  Update 10/04/2012.  While moving house I came across the before and after of this and I can see the colour difference now.


No recorded marks for this subject. Verbal feedback indicated my folder structure was fantastic. The Inpress magazine needed a reduction in magenta on the main image as it was too red. The main image also needed a Gaussian blur to reduce the appearance of pores (and here I was thinking pores looked natural). Some of the margins also needed shifting (I put that down to an incomplete/hard to follow brief in sections.