C3003A – Apply Typography & Layout For Design

The Brief

Task 1: Collect examples of typographic layout and design principles – mount and label.

Task 2: Find at least six examples of typography and layout that appeal to you and present this to the class.

Task 3: Research the history and development of typography. Min 2000 words.

Task 4: Research the history and development of typography (min 2000 words) then research a notable typographer (min 1000 words). use your flair for design to make these reports appealing and interesting.

Task 5: Recognise categories of type styles. Render you name in each.

Task 6: Recognise good typography and layout by redoing a woeful black and white ad for tiles and lino.

Task 7: Design your own alphabet using three demsional objects as the inspiration.

Allocated Time: 9 weeks or 45 hours

Source Materials and Thumbnails

I need to scan in the rendered typography, convert some Publisher reports to pdf and scan in the final ad fixer uppery as well as the examples of “typography” that I like.

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Dodgy advert with some of the bad bits circled

Finished Work

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Chain TypefaceRedesign - dodgy advert 1Redesign - dodgy advert 2

Typography I like (some is technically not typography)

Typography History Report

Jan Tschichold Biography