C3001A – Produce Commercial Sketches for Graphic Design

The Brief

Task 1: Using an actual matchbox as a reference, produce 6 views in pencil or ink using 1 and 2 point perspective.

Task 2: Using a magazine of photo reference, draw the following in line only: animal, plant/vege, metal object.

Task 3: Select an object of your own choice. It must be a real 3D object than can be physically placed in front of you. Render it in pencil, line, link and wash and copic markers.

Task 4: Using reference photos, produce a B&W illustration of at least one athlete engaged in some sort of activity.

Task 5: Using any of the drawing techniques used in this module, you are required to draw and render in B&W an illustration of 3 grocery items.

Allocated Time:  7 weeks or 42 hours

Source Materials and Thumbnails

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Initial Thumbnails Some Giger sketches Giger Microphone Nubian Queen 2Base for chosen Nubian Queen Image Lizard 1a Lizard 1b Lizard – Ink WashLizard - Marker Lizard 2a Lizard – Ink Wash Lizard - MarkerLizard 3a Lizard 3b Lizard - Marker Footballers

Finished Work

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Perspective Chilli Spider Nubian QueenInk and wash Lizard Marker Lizard Line Lizard Pencil LizardFootballers Food Composition